Main activities of GREEN ENERGY INVESTMENTS s.r.o.

Acquisition of financial resources and project financing

  • Financial resources and concepts and their use for energy-saving projects
  • Preparation of projects for financing through the use of grant financial resources
  • Debt financing, acquiring capital
  • Professional acquisition activity, treasury services

Handling and realization of energy concepts

  • Regional energy concepts, energy audits and feasibility studies
  • Assessment of the energy concept impact on the environment
  • Energy audits within the industrial sphere
  • Entrepreneurial plan for energy savings and energy supply

Energy-saving strategy in industry and energy policy

  • Energy audits
  • Preparation and handling of entrepreneurial intentions
  • Feasibility studies for energy projects
  • Implementation of energy management
  • Analysis of the energy market and elaboration of possible strategies
  • Risk analysis of energy investments
  • Consultancy on trading in energies
  • Preparation of contracts with providers of energies and fuels
  • Selection procedures for providers of energies
  • Climate and environmental changes
  • National programmes for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants
  • Tools for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants
  • Emissions trading and environmental taxes
  • Savings strategy & energy policy
  • Policy and legislation in the field of energetics and environment
  • National programmes of savings and the use of renewable energy sources
  • Consultancy related to liberalization of the energy market

Use of renewable energy sources

  • Optimal technical proposal of renewable sources
  • Economic analysis of the use of renewable energy sources
  • Use (competitiveness) of renewable sources at the liberalized market

Preparation and realization of projects

  • Entry documentation related to selection procedures for the general contractor
  • Selection procedures for the general contractor
  • Management of constructions realization
  • Investor's technical supervision