2.1.2 Improvement of air quality and reduction of emissions

Supported activities:

  • the construction of a new central heating source including newly built heat distributions and the extension of existing distributions with the aim to connect new customers by means of replacing combustion engines in existing structures, the reconstruction of existing distributions and possible reconstruction of a central heating system with the heat input up to 5 MW.
  • the extension of the existing  medium-pressure network, while ensuring the transition to the combustion of gas fuels within individual sources.

Grant recipients:

  • other non-entrepreneurial entities possessed by more than 50 % of property by communities or other public entities
  • business companies possessed by more or less than 67% of property by communities or other public entities
  • co-operative societies
  • town and communities
  • allowance organizations
  • civic associations
  • regions
  • state enterprises and organizations
  • community clusters

Grant form and value:

  • maximum grant value is 85% of overall eligible expenses with the projects submitted by public entities