• The company GEI was established in 2006 focusing its activities primarily on the area of handling energy audits and project studies. At the present time it has at its disposal extensive experience with providing strategic consultancy and dealing with energy concepts and audits, including the issue of renewable sources within the sector of communal and industrial energetics, health and education system.
  • The working team is composed of experts with technical and economic expertise and knowledge of the issues related to energy-saving measures, determining and balancing energetic flows.
  • On the basis of the technical and economic analysis, the weak points of energy economy are detected and any necessary technical, economic, organizational or legislative measures are proposed. 
  • The qualification of GEI is not just a question of a large number of handled communal energy concepts and documents. The essential characteristic feature of GEI`s work is an innovative approach targeted at addressing client's specific needs and not just a mere repetition of the solution which has already been proved.
  • In the long term, the company GEI cooperates with a number of professional designers in the field of energetics, energy auditors and experts specializing in the energy issues within facilities and constructions.
  • The main partner of GEI is its sister company EUFC CZ s.r.o. Together they make a team of experts who cooperate closely in complex preparation of the grant project from the very beginning (preparation of energy audits, project documents) to successful crediting of financial means to the client's account. 
  • Both the energy audit and project documentation are in most cases required as one of compulsory appendices to the grant application within the project from the field of energetics. This may concern projects for the insulation of buildings, installation and modernization of heat sources, and increasing energy efficiency.
  • The company GEI has become one of the members of Association of Providers of Energy Services (APES). This association was established in 2010 and it merges companies which represent the pinnacle of European companies active in the field of energy services. One of the prominent energy services is the emphasis placed on reducing final energy consumption within completed constructions. The best-known energy-saving method is the EPC method (Energy Performance Contracting) when the provider of energy services provides the complex turn-key service including the provision of financing energy-saving measures and the guarantee of minimum energy consumption savings (this is ensured by the provider at his own risk).
  • In year 2012 company GREEN ENERGY INVESTMENTS s.r.o. started close cooperation with HEDVIDA GROUP a.s. company. Main portfolio of HEDVIGA GROUP a.s. is invention and design of equipment for ecological waste treatment. Both companies invest their resources to create business and development partnership which lead to realization of common project, installation and launch of production line for waste treatment from crushed tires. Tires will be disposed by special technological process Pyrolysis unit PTR II generation, using slowly methods of thermic disposal without presence of air and inert gases. Yearly capacity will be up to 30 thousand tons of tires. Outputs from above process are new products (secondary resources) in liquid, gas and fixed fraction. These will be possible use in other industry. This project will have very positive influence on quality of environment due to reduction of specific waste especially end of life tires (ELT) and using ecological way of disposal.